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Mr. Zlatko Todorov
Director, CUBUS 


Re: International Register ‘TOP-100. Achievements 2019’


Dear Mr. Zlatko Todorov,

On 12 April 2019 the Organizing committee of the International Register ‘TOP-100. Achievements 2019’ and Forum ‘Achievements 2019’ will announce the winners in the following categories: ‘Business and Economy, ‘Science and Education’, ‘Culture and Art’, ‘Medicine and Healthcare’ and publish the International Register of best regional companies and leading managers.

In each segment we will identify 100 leaders who have made a significant contribution to the development of national economies, science, culture and education, medicine and healthcare and will present them with prestigious European awards for achievements in the professional activity and the field of quality.

We are scrupulous about the selection of candidates and invite your company to apply for participation in the ‘TOP-100. Achievements 2019’ register in order to be considered by the expert panel.

After consideration of the materials and in case of a positive decision, we will invite you to the XIV International Forum and the awarding ceremony ‘Achievements 2019’ in London (British Institute of Directors, 116 Pall Mall).

Within the framework of the Achievements Forum, 4 ceremonial sessions will be held: ‘Economics and Business’, ‘Science and Education’, ‘Culture and Art’, ‘Medicine and Healthcare’, during which you will be able to give a presentation of your company. The sessions and award ceremony will be moderated by register`s experts.

For participation, you should submit a registration application and accompanying materials to the ‘TOP-100. Achievements 2019’ council before February 15, 2019. Participation in the expert procedure is free of charge.

After passing evaluation procedure an applicant receives decision on the inclusion of the company into the register ‘TOP-100. Achievements 2019’. Winners receive effective tools to promote the company internationally. Participation in the Forum ‘Achievements 2019’ and gala reception in honour of winners are chargeable.

Please contact me for your registration in the international register International Rating ‘TOP-100. Achievements 2019’

I look forward to hearing from you soon in this regard.

Афера Банки- серијал од мини документарни филмови на „Макфакс“афера-банки/афера-банки/

(Видео) Афера „Банки“ – истраги за неколку банки за перење паривидео-афера-банки-истраги-за-неко/


Zaha Hadid Architects Reinterprets Sound Waves for the Sverdlovsk Philharmonic Concert Hall

Global Club of Leaders

Mr. Zlatko Todorov


Dear Mr. Zlatko Todorov,

First, I would like to thank you for your time and attention by reading this email which is of great interest and importance.

I address you on behalf The International Festival Business Triumph and European Awards Night organising committee, as well as the Global Club of Leaders.

CUBUS INZENERING has been nominated by our committee of experts for Main Festival award – ‘The Excellence in Quality’ and we would be pleased to see Mr. Zlatko Todorov at the Festival Business Triumph and European Awards Night, which will take place on October 5-6, 2018 in Cannes, France.

It is very important to invite Mr. Zlatko Todorov to  the festival  and European Awards night before August, 20.  Could give me the most convenient mail so I can send the invitation and all the necessary information.

With Best Regards,



Штерјев: Денеска сум гостин, нема да ви одговорам дали ќе поднесам оставка

(Видео)Штерјев: Денеска сум гостин, нема да ви одговорам дали ќе поднесам оставка

Антикорупционерката што поднесе оставка увидела судир на интереси кај Штерјев

Антикорупционерката што поднесе оставка увидела судир на интереси кај Штерјев

Советот на обвинители комплетиран, се чекаат оставките на Коле Штерјев и Фиданка Рајевска


Советот на јавни обвинители со непотизам и судир на интересивидео-бејли-го-искритикува-советот-на


СКАНДАЛОЗНО Банка цензурирала телевизија, новинарите молчат и уста не отвораат

По налог на три банки, Коле Штерјов и Фиданка Рајевска и пресудиле на обвинителката Раичевиќ

Summit of Leaders, London

To Mr. Zlatko Todorov

Dear Mr. Zlatko Todorov,

Hope this letter finds you well!

You and your company deserved respect on the regional level and proudly stands among the national business elite. It is my pleasure to invite you to the annual forum of successful regional companies and business owners to be held on 17 April in the premises of the Institute of Directors, London.


We offer you the opportunity to present your company as one of the leading regional business at the Summit. The event programme includes expert platforms, master classes from key British and world professionals, case studies of successful companies, interactive exhibition and presenting the Summit of Leaders special prize ‘Excellence in Quality’


The Summit of Leaders has limited participation, so please contact me for your accreditation in the event. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind Regards,

KUBUS has been nominated by the Socrates Committee



Dear Mr. Zlatko Todorov,

Let me draw your attention to the European Awards Night and Business Triumph Festival will be held on 6th October 2017 in Cannes, France.

KUBUS has been nominated by the Socrates Committee (Oxford., UK) for Prestigious International Award. The best representatives of regional business, culture and science will be honored at the ceremony.

Recently I`ve sent you the official invitation for this function, event agenda and other materials.

As we haven`t received any reply from your side, I remind you about the European Awards Night.
The Forum and ceremony has limited participation, so please contact me to get more information and for your accreditation in the event and award procedure before September, 04.

Case: Irregularities in the banking sector for the benefit of individuals

18.11.2016 What Transparency International-Macedonia started in January this year as a case Cubus vs Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje in the past 10 months has grown into a case from which can be seen numerous irregularities in the banking sector. Analyses of Transparency International Macedonia, which done in cooperation with attorneys and consultant damaged, showed that:
• These are numerous financial transactions arising from loans and borrowings;
• Larger number of banks are involved in the financial transactions and also companies and individuals who are associated with the banks through business, ownership and management;
• From the analysis of transactions and the movement of money, a pattern or modus operandi of financial engineering can be perceived, which aims to allow individuals associated with banks to take illegal banking operations in order to gain material benefit;