25 January, 2019

Intended recipient:


Mr. Zlatko Todorov
Director, CUBUS 


Re: International Register ‘TOP-100. Achievements 2019’


Dear Mr. Zlatko Todorov,

On 12 April 2019 the Organizing committee of the International Register ‘TOP-100. Achievements 2019’ and Forum ‘Achievements 2019’ will announce the winners in the following categories: ‘Business and Economy, ‘Science and Education’, ‘Culture and Art’, ‘Medicine and Healthcare’ and publish the International Register of best regional companies and leading managers.

In each segment we will identify 100 leaders who have made a significant contribution to the development of national economies, science, culture and education, medicine and healthcare and will present them with prestigious European awards for achievements in the professional activity and the field of quality.

We are scrupulous about the selection of candidates and invite your company to apply for participation in the ‘TOP-100. Achievements 2019’ register in order to be considered by the expert panel.

After consideration of the materials and in case of a positive decision, we will invite you to the XIV International Forum and the awarding ceremony ‘Achievements 2019’ in London (British Institute of Directors, 116 Pall Mall).

Within the framework of the Achievements Forum, 4 ceremonial sessions will be held: ‘Economics and Business’, ‘Science and Education’, ‘Culture and Art’, ‘Medicine and Healthcare’, during which you will be able to give a presentation of your company. The sessions and award ceremony will be moderated by register`s experts.

For participation, you should submit a registration application and accompanying materials to the ‘TOP-100. Achievements 2019’ council before February 15, 2019. Participation in the expert procedure is free of charge.

After passing evaluation procedure an applicant receives decision on the inclusion of the company into the register ‘TOP-100. Achievements 2019’. Winners receive effective tools to promote the company internationally. Participation in the Forum ‘Achievements 2019’ and gala reception in honour of winners are chargeable.

Please contact me for your registration in the international register International Rating ‘TOP-100. Achievements 2019’

I look forward to hearing from you soon in this regard.